Giftphoto sell a variety of audio splitters but it can be confusing which is needed for a particular job.


We will show the typical uses and link to our eBay stores correct splitter if you need it.


This is the Turtle beach Earforce Gaming headset for the xbox one



To use this headset with an xbox one, it does not need a splitter at all.
To use the headset with a mobile phone or tablet, it should not need a splitter at all (unverified)
To use this headset with a PC or Laptop computer, it needs this splitter : Item: 112084549700 (Available in Red/Black/White)

A headset with two output cables (gaming console) or tablet

This is a bit of a complicated use of this splitter, its much easier achieved with the opposite gender splitter of the same kind

Inline mobile/tablet headsets for two or more kids?

Imagine the scenario if you will.  You have two (or more) kids in the back of your car using a dvd screen or a Tablet and watching a movie, but the parents in the front of the car want to chat and not listen to the movie.

Well you can split the audio to two or more headsets using these splitters (a headset includes an inline mic, that can be using for things like skype of facetime)

Item: 112030623053 (white)
Item: 112204786834 (black)

You can if you wish daisy chain the splitters too, 3 splitters connected together will split to four headsets

Normal twin split to headphones

Splitting to two sets of headphones without mics

This item is all you need.

Item: 112005622036

A More advanced setup using 2 splitters of different types.

Here we are shoing an example of two record players used as mixing decks.  In this example p[lease note that the headphones only hear from the PC output, if you need to hear the mixing decks then they must be routed to the PC's headset for the headphones to receive sound through the PC's sound setup.

Using a separate microphone and headeset with a console or tablet

Item: 112061790549

xbox one joypad


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A Durham Mug template size is 22cm x 9cm (approx).  Manufacturers of mugs vary the sizes slighly, but if you create a template at this size and the printing requires that the size is adjusted, it will only be slightly and un-noticeable.

22cm at the standard screen resolution of 72dpi is 625 pixels
9cm at the standard screen resolution of 72dpi is 255 pixels


So your image will need to be: 625 x 255 pixels

If you would like to make your template a much higher resolution use multiples of the ratio to make the image larger.  This way the image stays in propotion when the printer makes it fit the Mug.
1250 x 510 pixels
2500 x 1020 pixels

Open Microsoft Paint and click file>new or press (Ctrl+N)

Now select  Resize from the toolbar and a popup window will appear called "Resize and Skew".

Select the radio button for pixels.

De-select Maintain Aspect Ratio.

In the Horizontal box type:  625
In the vertical box type:  255

Click OK


Now you have a blank canvas or template the correct size for creating your mug design.


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Its all too common these days (2017) to want to use images that have been profile images on social media websites such as Facebook.  Have you noticed though that most phones are rectangle and social media images are square?

We have experienced over the years and it still happens a lot, customers who choose to use an image that is not suitable for a phone case. 

There are many reasons:

  • They just like the image.
  • Square / rectangle - whats the difference?
  • OMG , I've gotta have this image!

Problem images:

You want to send a high quality image from your high end device that takes high end images, so why is it so awkward to do?

For some reason Apple seem to make this fairly difficult to do on most of its devices, fortunatelly Apple seem to be "sort of" listening to its users and making it a bit easier with the latest devices.

We here at Giftphoto do not understand why the phone has got a good camera at all if it is so difficult to share the original image?  We mean, uploading to facebook reduces the size of the original, sneding emails by default reduces the size of the original and so does other methods of sharing.

On the latest devices their is either a popup just before you are ready to send the email or on the bottom right there is a select option that pops up the option.


On older devices the method is still not difficult but its a few more steps.

  1. Go to your Gallery.
  2. Select the image you want to send by holding your finger on it until the copy option pops up.
    To select more images just tap the next ones.
  3. Select copy.
  4. Press the Home button.
  5. Open the email App.
  6. Press your finger on the blank area until the paste option pops up.
  7. Select paste.
  8. Fill in the rest of the email and send.