Its all too common these days (2017) to want to use images that have been profile images on social media websites such as Facebook.  Have you noticed though that most phones are rectangle and social media images are square?

We have experienced over the years and it still happens a lot, customers who choose to use an image that is not suitable for a phone case. 

There are many reasons:

  • They just like the image.
  • Square / rectangle - whats the difference?
  • OMG , I've gotta have this image!

Problem images:

  • Square or round.
  • A face lands exactly where the camera hole will be.
  • Small images
    • Often sent via Apple devices (User has to choose to send the original)

How to email the original Image on Apple devices

What not to send

Below you can see an example of a blank case (Samsung Galaxy A5), One with an image of a person and one with a floral art tree image.  Now what you can also tell from the two images on the right which is suitable for the case and which is not.

2nd image David Tennant (Copyrighted - used only as an example , not available for printing)
3rd image Elisabeta Jolley - Artist (

The example below shows an LG G3 case and how a picture of a dog may fit.  As you can see it doesn't fill the case in the 1st image, landscape is not much better in the 2nd image.  In the 3rd image you can see that it almost fits the case when cropped but a little of the top is missing.  The image choice for an LG G3 case is limited by the camera hole.  So what is the 4th image?  Well we cloned the grass and made the image longer on the right.  This enabled us to reduce the size further of the dog (zoom out if you like) and cover the whole case. 

Q. So what is cloning the grass? 
A. That is copying the grass and adding it to the end of the picture,  What we did further was to blend the join seamlessly so that you cannot tell that the grass was not in the original picture.

This method is not as simple as it looks but it can be done with images where the area to be cloned is not too difficult to do. 

Q. What is too difficult to do?
A. Well that depends on the content of the image.  Generally speaking the more plin the background the easier it is to do.  For example if the background has a tv or toys etc then cloning the space is not so easy, but if its a wall and a drainpipe - then its probably do-able.

Q. So how about Facebook profile images, what can be done with them?
A.  That also depends on the image, for example the subject of the image is often very zoomed or at the forefront of profile images.


Its a pretty similar story to the LG case pictures above but with a more square image.  Please note how the image fits on to the case.  It simply doesn't.  However if we supply an un-cropped version found elsewhere in our photostream, then the image can be resized and cropped to fit.


If we took the square image and made it fit this is how it would look on the samsung J3 case.  The quality is poor and the head is cut by the camera hole.

Now image this same image on an LG G3 case !  Most of the head is missing - not ideal!

Now check out a forwrd looking face original image and how it fits on the LG G3 case.


Here is how it fits to the iPhone 7 TPU case.  Not bad at all is it?

Q.  So what have we learned?
A.  We have learned that we have to look at several things when choosing an image for our case.

  1. What shape is the image (Portrait rectangle is preferred).
  2. How much space is required at the top of our image for the camera hole.
  3. If possible send a picture that can be cropped rather than already cropped.
  4. Try to avoid Social Media profile images (even though they are our favourites).
  5. Measure your phone and try to send an image that fits as best you can!

Thanks for reading


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